Gregg Drilling & Testing Canada Ltd. – New Canadian division serving the Oil Sands Industry and Western Canada

Gregg Drilling is pleased to announce its new Canadian division: Gregg Drilling & Testing Canada Ltd. (Gregg Canada). Gregg Canada will offer competitive CPT, drilling, sampling and field vane testing to the mine tailings industry.

Gregg Canada has a corporate office based in Calgary, AB and a field office in Fort McMurray, serving the oil sands industry.

Gregg Canada will operate specialized drill rigs and CPT equipment designed for work on soft ground conditions such as mine tailings.

20-ton CPT Rig – Track-mounted CPT rig with enclosed work space, air-conditioning, bathroom, triple wash sink and built-in computer, flat screen monitors and electronics.

Amphibious rig  – Specifically designed for work on very soft ground such as mine tailings. Outfitted with a custom built enclosed CPT container featuring built in heating, cone electronics and flat-screen monitors.

– Can operate as a hollow-stem auger rig (boring depths up to 40m). Converts to mud rotary drilling (boring depths up to 120m). Pushes CPT using hydraulic pistons off rear. Rig can be anchored to increase reaction force. Portable CPT set-up features laptop and small depth wheel for easy conversion between drilling and CPT. Steel tracks are suitable for rugged off-road conditions. Can traverse a 2:1 slope for difficult access sites.

For more information, please visit the Gregg Canada website.