Gregg drilling sustainability program

Environmentalism, conservation and a passion for the environment stem from John Gregg, the owner and founder of Gregg Drilling. Starting a drilling business in the environmental industry put John at the forefront each day, seeing himself the damage we do to the soil, groundwater and the environment around us. It is his passion to help improve and educate people about ecology, science and conservation.

We realize, as do our clients, the need to think about sustainability in all that we do.

In order to progress as a sustainable organization, we seek opportunities to leverage our competencies and be known for helping clients deal with the challenges posed by an ever-changing world.

Within our own operations, we identify ways to seek out and implement sustainable practices. We continue to focus on the economic success of our company so that we can allow our people to excel in creating innovative solutions that meet the environmental, economic, and social concerns of our clients.

Our plan in action

We have built the Gregg Drilling team – with advocates at every level – to put our plan into action.

For our business practices

For our clients

For our communities

For our people

For our internal operations