Big Creek Dam, Newport, Oregon

In December 2022 through January 2023, Gregg Drilling worked with HDR and the City of Newport, Oregon to conduct a site investigation for a new dam to replace the current Big Creek Dam that is currently at risk of failure. The two Big Creek Dams on the Big Creek Reservoir contain the city’s water supply. In addition to concerns of complete failure in the event of a earthquake, the upper dam is currently experiencing damage from water seepage. By enlarging the upper Big Creek Reservoir and replacing it with a dam that will sustain seismic activity, the risk of dam failure will no longer be a hazard. The total project cost is expected to be approximately $60M.


  • 12 Borings with packer testing every 10ft in bedrock
  • Total depth of 150-200ft per location with bedrock at 20-60ft bgs
  • Vertical and 60 degree angled boreholes
  • Vibrating wire piezometer installation in 5 borings
  • Televiewer and PS logging in all borings
  • Tracked drill rig for difficult access locations
  • Contract value $800k

Download Project Profile in PDF