California Aqueduct Investigation with CPT

Gregg Drilling, working under an on-call contract with the Department of Water Resources was called up to provide Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) and Seismic CPT for the California Aqueduct near Los Banos, CA.

During 2021, Gregg mobilized two CPT trucks working simultaneously to complete 200 CPTs to 55ft and 8 seismic CPTs to 135ft . Of those 200 locations, 95 locations required multiple dissipation tests at varying depths. All holes were grouted by the tremie method from the bottom of each hole to the surface. The grout consisted of 95% by dry weight cement and 5% by dry weight bentonite, unless otherwise dictated by environmental requirements. The surface was completed with cold asphalt patch or native soil, depending on the original site conditions.

Download the full Project Summary in PDF format.