West County Landfill

In 2023 Gregg Drilling was contracted by SLR Consulting to perform 18 CPTs and 18 direct push borings at the West County Landfill in Richmond, CA. The landfill has a slurry wall between the landfill and the bay with borings located on both sides of the wall. The goal of the investigation is to determine if any contaminants form the landfill are penetrating the wall and entering the waters of the bay. The project is part of the San Francisco Bay trail that circumvents the Bay Area with a large amount of daily foot traffic.


  • Delays due to large rainfall in early 2023
  • Public foot traffic on San Francisco Bay trail
  • Limited access on trail
  • Boring locations on edge of slurry wall


  • Tracked CPT with hydropunch groundwater samples
  • Tracked direct push rig to collect continuous soil cores to
    40ft and 3/4″ PVC to set temporary wells

Download a PDF of the Project Profile