Difficult Access

Gregg Drilling excels in providing innovative solutions for challenging drilling environments. With expertise in heliportable, amphibious, and tracked drilling equipment, we ensure access to remote and difficult terrains for a wide range of drilling projects.

We are committed to delivering safe, reliable, and innovative drilling solutions for our clients, even in the most challenging environments. We pride ourselves on our expert teams, cutting-edge equipment, and unwavering dedication to project success.


  1. Heliportable Drilling:

    • We specialize in heliportable drilling operations, using helicopter support to reach remote and inaccessible locations swiftly and efficiently.
    • Our experienced crews are skilled in setting up and operating drilling equipment in a variety of terrains, from remote dams to transmission tower investigations.
  2. Amphibious and Tracked Drilling Equipment:

    • Gregg Drilling harnesses the power of amphibious and tracked drilling equipment to access challenging terrains such as marshes, wetlands, and beach areas.
    • Our state-of-the-art machinery is designed to navigate through soft and unstable ground, ensuring stability and precision in drilling operations.
  3. Over-Water Capabilities:

    • We offer exceptional over-water capabilities, enabling us to tackle drilling projects in marine and coastal areas.
    • The flagship vessel of our fleet, the R/V Quin Delta, is a versatile drill ship equipped with cutting-edge technology, providing stability and reliability for offshore drilling endeavors.
  4. Flexi-Float Barges and Small Portable Boats:

    • Gregg Drilling possesses flexi-float barges that can be mobilized for work near-shore and on inland bodies of water such as lakes and reservoirs.
    • Our small portable boats and barges are designed to access shallower waters and ensure efficient drilling operations in these areas.

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Project Success

Working with Gregg, you can be assured that your drilling project will be approached with the utmost professionalism, utilizing versatile equipment and experienced crews to overcome obstacles and achieve outstanding results.

For more information on heliportable and coring capabilities, contact Lyle Murphy

For more information on overwater investigations, contact Tim Boyd