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Widely recognized as a leader and innovator, we are fueled by our passion to provide quality service.

Gregg Drilling, LLC. (Gregg) offers a wide range of services for environmental, geotechnical and marine site investigation and remediation. Since our inception, Gregg has been widely recognized as a leader and innovator in drilling, sampling, and subsurface investigation, providing clients in industry and government with the highest quality services.

Over the past 37 years, Gregg Drilling (Gregg) has earned the position of a leader within our industry by building a team of highly experienced personnel and management who reflect our mission and embody our commitment to providing the highest quality services.

Gregg Drilling is proud to be 100% Native American-owned as part of Sealaska. We are working with others within Sealaska’s Woocheen business arm to bring exceptional people together to heal and protect our environment. Together with Pitcher Services, CS Marine and Sealaska Marine Services, Gregg is supporting the development of Offshore Wind and other green economy initiatives with a focus on ocean health.

Gregg is a Federally recognized 8a disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE) and is a registered DBE through the California Unified Certification Program (CUCP) which includes Caltrans, Metro, BART and other transportation agencies in the Golden state. In addition, Gregg is a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) through California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC).


To provide our clients with high-quality, innovative services performed in a timely and cost effective manner.


We have collaborative, long-term partnerships with our clients

Many of our client relationships date back to the founding of our company. We’re proud of this fact. These long-term partnerships have been a collaborative effort built on trust and are a result of the high rate of client satisfaction with our overall performance. We work to earn our clients’ trust and satisfaction by consistently responding to their needs with sound technical advice and innovative solutions.

and more!


Delivering excellence through client-focused solutions


Delivering high quality services is a key focus of our business

Quality isn’t something we test for after the job is done. It’s a way of doing business, an integral part of our daily activities, something we instill in our personnel and something we build into our equipment and technologies.


Protecting our workforce, our clients and the general public from injuries and hazardous incidents

Because of this a “safety first” policy has been integrated into all areas of our operation and is put into practice by all Gregg Drilling personnel on a daily basis. The emphasis we place on safety has enabled us to successfully manage the risks inherent in our industry, control costs and provide a secure, sensible, and productive work environment for our employees and our clients.


Add significant value to the professional services we offer

We are committed to providing cost effective solutions that consistently meet or exceed project requirements. This commitment blended with the innovative thinking of our personnel and research backed equipment and technologies add significant value to the professional services we offer our clients.

Say Hello to the
Gregg Drilling Team



As CEO of commercial services, Boris leads Gregg’s U.S. based operations. A structural and civil engineer by training, Boris is an accomplished leader, manager and problem solver with nearly 20 years of construction experience in Europe and the Americas. Boris speaks five languages and has made homes in Southern Europe, Mexico, the United States, Colombia and the United Kingdom. Immersion in so many cultures and locations has sharpened his awareness of how finite and fragile our planet is and fueled his passion for reversing the effects of climate change.

Email Boris: boris.caro@sealaska.com



Mr. Boyd is the Chief Operating Officer for Gregg Drilling, LLC. He oversees day to day management of Gregg’s drilling and testing services.  Mr. Boyd also serves as the Division Manager for Gregg’s Northern California operations.

Mr. Boyd has broad experience related to the management of geotechnical and environmental site investigations. He has extensive experience related to cone penetration testing (CPT) methods, both through his academic work at the University of British Columbia and during his work at Gregg. Mr. Boyd has managed numerous nearshore marine and in-land marine projects during his career. He has also managed large offshore deepwater geotechnical site investigation projects for global oil and gas related projects (predominately involving the use of seabed-based drilling equipment).

Email Tim: tboyd@greggdrilling.com


Southern California Regional Manager

Brian is the Regional Manager for Gregg’s Southern California operations. He has over 20+ years experience operating and managing CPT equipment and personnel. He has been involved in thousands of land-based and marine near-shore site investigations and has extensive knowledge of the Southern California environment and local concerns.

Email Brian: bsavela@greggdrilling.com


Southern California Operations Manager

Mike is the Operations Manager for Gregg’s Southern California operations. He has extensive experience in Health & Safety management and project coordination with Gregg Drilling, Gregg Marine and Pitcher Services.

Email Mike: mhaske@greggdrilling.com


Northern California Regional Manager

Jake Wilson manages Gregg Drilling’s Northern California remediation division. His 12 years in the industry started at the San Francisco Regional Water Quality Control Board before moving on to environmental consulting where he worked as a field geologist and eventually a project manager.

Jake’s experience from consulting and being a regulator in the environmental industry keeps him mindful of overall project goals which leads to collaborative remediation programs that are effective and considerate of all stakeholders in a project. He enjoys overcoming the unique challenges in logistics, setup, and implementation that come with projects in the environmental industry.

Jake has a degree in Geology from San Francisco State University. His work experience prior to Gregg Drilling was focused towards subsurface investigation and remediation. He has worked in the field on projects throughout the western US including Alaska but was never able to convince someone to send him to Hawaii for work.

Email Jake: jwilson@greggdrilling.com


Northern California Operations Manager

Brandon Moses is Gregg’s Northern California Operations Manager. Brandon has 17 years experience with Gregg Drilling as a both a drilling helper and operator. Brandon’s experience ranges from operating direct push rigs, to hollow=stem auger drilling and environmental remediation equipment.

Email Brandon: bmoses@greggdrilling.com


Technical Consultant

Dr. Peter K. Robertson brings more than 50 years of experience as an educator, researcher, consultant and practitioner specializing in the areas of in-situ testing and site investigation, earthquake design of geotechnical structures, and soil liquefaction. Peter is recognized as an expert both nationally and internationally in the areas of in-situ testing and soil liquefaction. He has been a consultant to various clients around the world for projects involving liquefaction evaluation for major structures, stability of on-shore and off-shore structures, landslides, stability of natural slopes and tailings dams, and use and interpretation of in-situ tests. He is the co-author of the primary reference book on Cone Penetration Testing (CPT). He has also authored or co-authored over 250 publications as well a popular CPT Guide that is freely available on several websites. Peter has also assisted in the development of several inexpensive CPT-based interpretation software programs and has presented a series of free webinars to enhance education and practice.

Peter continues to provide private consulting to a wide range of clients and currently resides in Southern California.

Email Peter: probertson@greggdrilling.com


Technical Director & Business Development

Kelly Cabal has worked for Gregg Drilling since 2003 in roles ranging from CPT Data quality review and control, to on-site data collection, to client education, and marketing and design. She has in depth knowledge of Gregg’s business operations and often serves as a technical resource for CPT questions and troubleshooting.

Kelly’s additional experience with marketing and design allow her to compile materials highlighting Gregg’s experience and quality services and communicate on the high technical level expected by clients and industry.

Kelly has a degree in Engineering Physics from the University of Alberta and has completed courses in marketing and multimedia design.

Email Kelly: kcabal@greggdrilling.com

Sam Corsaro

Special Projects Manager

Sam Corsaro joined Gregg Drilling as our Special Projects Manager heading up our more challenging projects in the mining, offshore wind and other emerging markets. Sam holds a civil engineering degree and brings a wealth of experience as a project manager in the construction industry to this role.

Email Sam: scorsaro@greggdrilling.com


Northern California Project Manager - Sonic & Hollow-Stem Auger

Ryan Lea’s responsibilities include creating quotes and management for Gregg Drilling NorCal’s hollow stem auger, sonic, development and air-vac truck services. Ryan has over a decades experience in hollow stem auger drilling and management. He also has experience in environmental drilling as well as geotechnical projects.

Email Ryan: rlea@greggdrilling.com


Project Coordinator & Northern California Business Development

Mrs. Porter has a background in geology and experience as a Staff Geologist in consulting before coming to Gregg Drilling.  Her project experience includes geotechnical, environmental, and construction projects for commercial, industrial, and public works developments.

Email Megan: mporter@greggdrilling.com


Diamond Coring Project Manager

Mr. Murphy has a wealth of experience with difficult access and diamond coring and we are excited to have his as part of the Gregg team! Lyle is based in Washington and assists with projects across the US.

Email Lyle: lmurphy@greggdrilling.com


Northern California Project Coordinator

Mr. Wood has a background in geography and leads our specialized geotechnical testing program including SPT energy calibration, vane shear testing and pressuremeter testing. He assists with project management and coordination for Gregg’s Northern California operations.

Email Ian: iwood@greggdrilling.com


Northern California Project Manager - Rotary Drilling

Mr. Chaves has over 30-years experience in the drilling arena as a project manager and lead driller working on geotechnical and construction projects. He brings a wealth of knowledge to Gregg Drilling as our Northern California rotary project manager and supports projects for geotechnical drilling and instrumentation, water resources, environmental drilling/sampling/monitoring wells and deeper rotary projects.


Gregg Drilling maintains a valid C57 license as a contractor in the state of California.


Gregg Drilling’s C57 license number

We are licensed contractors in the following states

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Nevada
  • New Mexico
  • Oregon

We also carry extensive insurance coverage, which includes general liability, automobile, workers compensation, and contractor’s pollution insurance. Copies of our licenses and certificates of insurance are available upon request.

We’re ready for you

With over 30 years experience drilling in California and surrounding states, Gregg Drilling can handle any size project from land based geotechnical and environmental investigations to near-shore marine projects and complicated mobilizations.