Cone Penetration Testing Services

Largest CPT Provider in the Western US

Since 1992 Gregg Drilling has been a leading provider of CPT services in the Western US. Gregg’s CPT trucks are designed and built in-house and provide 30-tons of push capacity. Our CPT equipment includes standard trucks, 6×6 off-road truck vehicles, track mounted units and portable “ramset” equipment.


Variable Equipment:

Gregg operates both truck and track mounted CPT equipment depending on your site conditions. Gregg’s track mounted CPT equipment offers the same capabilities as our truck mounted CPT platforms in a rough terrain package. With water fording up to 24” the track mounted CPT rig can traverse over difficult terrain such as beaches, river beds, tailings impoundments and golf courses. Rubber tracks affords the rig to maneuver on paved surfaces to access locations without damaging the road surface.

Gregg’s CPT trucks are always mobilied with a support truck to handle decontamination of the equipment and to offer concrete coring and grouting to improve productivity on site.

Fully air-conditioned and heated interior for comfort

Real-time data presentation

On-board washroom

Stainless steel interior and triple wash sinks for environmental sampling

Support truck for concrete coring & grout mixing/tremie grouting


Gregg’s vast experience drilling throughout California and exceptional safety rating provides the confidence and trust our clients have learned to value.

Gregg constantly strives to maintain one of the highest safety ratings across California. Recently Gold Shovel Certified, Gregg is constantly improving our safety program and equipment to provide our clients the highest quality service available.

Gregg’s employees have some of the most extensive safety training available and are able to work on refineries, military sites, railroads and confined spaces.

We’re ready for you

With over 35 years experience drilling in California and surrounding states, Gregg Drilling can handle any size project. We hope to demonstrate our value through quality equipment, knowledgeable and experienced personnel and our exceptional safety standards.

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