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Gregg Drilling now offers Sonic Drilling

We are pleased to announce the addition of sonic drilling to our Northern California service offerings. Sonic drilling is renowned for its high quality samples, drilling speed, and capacity compared to rig weight, size and costs.

Gregg operates both large truck-mounted sonic drills as well as smaller versatile track-mounted equipment in Northern California.

Our experienced personnel in combination with state of the art equipment can be used to drill typically problematic areas, provide higher quality samples and typically drill at a higher production rate than conventional methods with less waste.

Please note: Sonic drilling equipment will mobilize from our Martinez, CA office in Northern California.


How Sonic Drilling Works:

Sonic drilling is a soil penetration technique that strongly reduces friction on the drill string and drill bit due to liquefaction, inertia effects and a temporary reduction of porosity of the soil. The combination makes penetrating a large range of soils easy for Gregg’s sonic rigs and tooling. When drilling with a sonic drill head, the entire drill string is brought to a vibration frequency of up to 150 Hz. This causes a very thin layer of soil particles directly surrounding the drill string and bit to loose structure. Instead of a stiff mass, the soil behaves like a fluid powder or paste. This fluidization, or liquefaction, dramatically reduces friction. In alluvial material, vertical vibrations are generally enough to drive down a drill string for many meters without the injection of any water or air. When you are drilling in hard formations, liquefaction cannot take place. In such cases you can combine vibration with rotation, and use rock drill bits to cut the material.

Overcome problematic subsurface zones

High quality samples

High production rate

Site Investigation planning & assistance


Gregg’s vast experience drilling throughout California and exceptional safety rating provides the confidence and trust our clients have learned to value.

Gregg constantly strives to maintain one of the highest safety ratings across California. Recently Gold Shovel Certified, Gregg is constantly improving our safety program and equipment to provide our clients the highest quality service available.

The sonic rigs Gregg operates are the safest in the United States with many automated features to reduce HSE impact and exposure.

We’re ready for you

With over 35 years experience drilling in California and surrounding states, Gregg Drilling can handle any size project from Consumer water wells, to large municipal investigation projects and more.

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