Direct Push Services

Rapid testing & sample collection at a lower cost

Direct push technology allows Gregg Drilling LLC to collect continuous logs and undisturbed samples in less time and at a lower cost. Gregg operates a range of truck mounted, track mounted, and limited access direct push sampling rigs. Unlike conventional drilling, direct push technology creates minimal soil cuttings which, if contaminated, require special handling and costly disposal. In addition, the small size and rubber tracks on some of these rigs allow access to a wide variety of constricted locations, both indoor and out, with minimal site disturbance.


Gregg’s Direct Push services are a flexible solution offering a compact vehicle to conduct sampling, advanced site characterization or injection for remediation. A suite of tools are available including the Membrane Interface Probe (MIP), Hydraulic Profiling Tool (HPT), soil, soil gas, and ground water sampling, as well as injection of remediation compounds.

Soil, soil gas & groundwater samples using dual-tube sampling system (Geoprobe)

Compliant with DTSC soil gas advisory and PFAS sampling guidelines

High resolution site characterization with MiHPT

Injection of compounds for remediation


Gregg’s vast experience drilling throughout California and exceptional safety rating provides the confidence and trust our clients have learned to value.

Gregg constantly strives to maintain one of the highest safety ratings across California. Recently Gold Shovel Certified, Gregg is constantly improving our safety program and equipment to provide our clients the highest quality service available.

Gregg’s employees have some of the most extensive safety training available and are able to work on refineries, military sites, railroads and confined spaces.

We’re ready for you

With over 35 years experience drilling in California and surrounding states, Gregg Drilling can handle any size project. We hope to demonstrate our value through quality equipment, knowledgeable and experienced personnel and our exceptional safety standards.