Rotary Services

Rotary Drilling: Quality sampling and additional testing or instrumentation

Gregg Drilling maintains a large inventory of rotary drilling and coring drill rigs that when partnered with our highly experienced drillers, are able to meet a wide range of environmental drilling and geotechnical drilling site investigation and remediation needs.

Our full-time mechanics and preventative maintenance program ensure that all necessary equipment is available and operating at maximum efficiency. This commitment to quality allows us to offer the most responsive and cost effective drilling services.

Depending on your project requirements Gregg Drilling can advise you on the right drill and team to use. From small limited-access drill rigs that fit inside a building, to large truck-mounted drill rigs capable of achieving depths over 1000ft, Gregg Drilling has a full suite of choices. Support trucks accompany our rigs to all sites and provide extra equipment at no extra cost to the client.


Full Suite of Capabilities:

Gregg operates both truck and track mounted rotary rigs for both geotechnical and environmental site investigations. Truck mounted rotary drills are perfect for metro areas whereas tracked equipment is useful for difficult access and off-road locations. We drill up to 1000ft with mud or air rotary and can collect a full suite of geotechnical samples including SPT, California Modified, Shelby tubes and our patented Pitcher barrel sampler. We also offer continuous soil and rock coring in a variety of core sizes.

In addition, Gregg Drilling can provide additional geotechnical testing such as vane shear tests, pressuremeter and SPT energy calibration. Depending on your project needs, Gregg can easily install piezometers and inclinometers to instrument your site.

Truck and track mounted equipment

Geotechnical sampling

Piston sampling

Pitcher barrel sampling

Wireline HQ coring and packer testing

Instrumentation installation (piezometers, inclinometers)

Vane shear, pressuremeter and SPT energy calibration testing


Gregg’s vast experience drilling throughout California and exceptional safety rating provides the confidence and trust our clients have learned to value.

Gregg constantly strives to maintain one of the highest safety ratings across California. Recently Gold Shovel Certified, Gregg is constantly improving our safety program and equipment to provide our clients the highest quality service available.

Gregg’s employees have some of the most extensive safety training available and are able to work on refineries, military sites, railroads and confined spaces.

We’re ready for you

With over 35 years experience drilling in California and surrounding states, Gregg Drilling can handle any size project. We hope to demonstrate our value through quality equipment, knowledgeable and experienced personnel and our exceptional safety standards.

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