Barges & Near-shore Equipment

Over the past 20-years, Gregg has conducted a wide variety of near-shore and marine drilling and testing projects. In addition to Gregg’s boat the R/V Quin Delta, Gregg has used marine barges, sectional barges, modular jack-up barges, and lift boats. Overwater projects have a unique set of challenges that Gregg is ready to handle with skill and ease.

Gregg owns and operates its own marine equipment: R/V Quin Delta drill ship, modular barges, and support boats. Gregg will also rent, charter or subcontract equipment for specific projects. We are experienced working in nearshore areas across North America including: California, Alaska, Canada, and Mexico. Gregg has completed offshore projects in the Gulf of Mexico, East-coast of the US, Puerto Rico and Australia. Gregg personnel are experienced and licensed for marine operations and offer a network of partners to provide a full suite of services including: vessel/barge positioning, marine surveying, dive
support, ROV support etc.

Download our Near-shore Barge specification sheet.

Download our Quin Delta Drill ship specification sheet.