Limited Access Tracked Rhino

Watch the video below for a short demonstration one of our most popular limited access units, the Rhino. Gregg has used versions of the Rhino rig for many years as it is a versatile auger and direct push unit in a compact package.

The track mounted Rhino is highly maneuverable, featuring rubber tracks for minimal site impact. It is only 6 feet 4” wide and 13 feet long. Not lacking in power, the Rhino is capable of auger drilling to 150ft. It is possible to conduct Standard Penetration Testing with an automatic hammer deployed by the winch system. Well installations are possible at varying sizes up to a 6” diameter well as the Rhino is capable of turning 12” augers.

For direct push sampling, the Rhino efficiently pushes samplers using the hydraulics of the drill rig. Samples can be collected in clear PVC tubing for easy soil classification and lab testing. Groundwater and soil vapor samples can also be collected using standard methods.

The ease of set-up along with the maneuverability of the unit makes it an excellent choice for working in and around buildings. With a working mast height of under 13ft, it is suitable for work near overhead power lines or other structures.