Limited Access Tracked Scorpion

Gregg utilizes a scorpion limited access track rig to provide a safe and effective means to conduct geotechnical and environmental site investigations. The scorpion rig allows for CPT testing in tight spaces, construction sites and other limited access site conditions.

Watch the video below for a short demonstration of the Scorpion rig in action!


  • Small footprint for limited access sites
  • Short mast (11ft max) is advantages for indoor work
  • Rubber tracks
  • Engineered anchor systems for safe and effective rig anchoring
  • CPT testing is done from the back of rig which is ideal for working close to buildings, pipelines etc.
  • Fully compatible with Gregg’s full suite of CPT tools (CPT, seismic CPT, MiHPT/EC/UVOST)

Download the Scorpion specification sheet for more details.