Membrane Interface Probe (MiHPT)

Gregg deploys an MiHPT tool which is a combination of the MIP probe and the hydraulic profiling tool. It can be partnered with the CPT to provide real-time “smart” characterization for a variety of subsurface contaminants including chlorinated solvents and petroleum hydrocarbons. It can also provide valuable information on subsurface hydrologic properties including hydraulic conductivity and the groundwater regime. This information is partnered with the stratigraphic logging from the CPT.


Collects MIP, HPT and CPT data all in the same push, saving time. Real-time data presentation in the field allows for on-site decision making and sampling. The MiHPT can be deployed with any of Gregg’s CPT and direct push equipment including: 30-ton CPT, tracked CPT, limited access and ram-set units. The system works effectively above and below the groundwater table.


Low-level (LL) MIP option: LL MIP increases sensitivity but does not replace the standard operation of the MIP. It expands its operation for sites with contaminant concentrations too low for the standard MIP. LL MIP reduces detection limits to well below 100ppl VOC for some contaminants.

Download the MiHPT specifications sheet for more details.