Mud Rotary Drills

Gregg Drilling prides itself in providing the right drilling solution for geotechnical site investigations. Gregg’s diverse range of equipment and capabilities can tackle diverse soil conditions and terrain. We offer standard mud rotary, reverse circulation and flooded reverse options depending on the project needs.

Services Include:

  • Truck mounted and track mounted equipment
  • Geotechnical sampling including SPT, Cal Modified, and shelby tube
  • Piston sampling
  • Pitcher barrel sampling
  • Wireline HQ coring and packer testing
  • Instrument installation (standpipe, piezometer, inclinometer
  • Wireline continuous soil coring (incl. 3″ shelby tube)
  • Vane shear, pressurementer and SPT energy testing

Download the Rotary Drilling specification sheet for more details.