Portable Direct Push (Ramset)

Gregg accomplishes direct-push and CPT work inside buildings and small spaces by utilizing our ramset CPT & direct push sampling unit. Common projects that deploy the ramset include: geotechnical evaluations of existing buildings or environmental characterization of contaminant sources such as dry-cleaner sites. When anchored to the concrete floor slab, the ramset unit can push with up to 20-tons of force, rivalling most CPT truck mounted units.


  • Very limited access rig for indoor work, slab-on-grade or basements
  • 2ft x 2ft footprint
  • Ramset rig bolts to concrete slab to develop reaction force 6″ concrete thickness is recommended
  • Man-portable equipment
  • Real-time CPT data presentation
  • Fully compatible with Gregg’s high resolution site characterization tools including MiHPT, EC, UVOST

Download the Ramset specifications sheet for dimensions and additional details.