Remediation Platforms

Gregg’s Mobile Remediation injection platforms are self-contained and have integrated operator workstations. Gregg provides integrated mixing and pumping systems that can achieve injection rates up to 100 GPM and can regulate injection pressure between 0 1500 psi. With the use of Gregg’s multi-point manifolds, reagents can be delivered individually or simultaneously to 20 direct push points and/or injection wells. Gregg also utilizes in-line mixing systems to increase precision and mitigate human error.


  • 10-point dual injection manifold
  • Two 180 gallon stainless mix tanks with mixers
  • Dual progressive cavity pumps -225 psi, 40 GPM flow rate
  • On board deck space to hold a tote of chemical to reduce site footprint
  • On board transfer pumps
  • On board self-containment – 200 gallons
  • Safety shower and eyewash station

Download the Remediation Platform specification sheet for more details.