Cone Penetration Testing (CPT)

Since 1992 Gregg Drilling has been a leading provider of CPT services in the Western US. Gregg’s CPT trucks are designed and built in-house and provide 30-tons of push capacity. Our CPT equipment includes standard trucks, 6×6 off-road truck vehicles, track mounted units and portable “ramset” equipment.


  • Fully enclosed heated/air conditioned work station
  • 6×6 Off-road truck option
  • 30-ton push capacity
  • Real time data presentation
  • Support truck paired with CPT rig equipped with drill head to provide asphalt/concrete coring.
  • Support truck equipped with group plant/mixing and pressure-washer/steam cleaner
  • Track and portable options for difficult or limited access


  • Cone Penetration Testing
  • Seismic CPT
  • Soil and groundwater sampling
  • High resolution site characterization with MiHPT and UVOST
  • Piezometer installation

Download the Truck-mounted CPT specification sheet for more details, or the Track-mounted specification sheet.