Remediation Project – June 2021

Sodium Permanganate and Activated Persulfate

Over a 5-day period, Gregg Remediation injected a mixture of Sodium Permanganate (10 g/l), Sodium Persulfate (20 g/l) and Sodium Hydroxide (20.6 g/l) into two (2) 2‐inch Injection Wells and two (2) Direct Push locations., treating vertical treatment intervals from 13-18ft bgs and 31-33.5ft bgs.


Mixing two ISCO chemicals in only one remediation platform

  • Chemicals had to be completely isolated prior to not degrade the permanganate with the hydroxide prior to injection.
  • Inline mix of an oxidizer reduced chemical exposure and increased mixing precision.


  • Injection platform
  • Direct push rig
  • 3-man crew

Download a PDF summary of this project for more details.