Seal Beach Injection Project

In September 2022, Gregg Drilling completed an injection project in Seal Beach, California. The project required injection of 55,600 gallons of an Emulsified Vegetable Oil (EVO) solution into 17 direct push points targeting a treatment zone from 12-22ft.


  • Top-down injection approach
  • Up to 8 simultaneous injection locations
  • Small injection footprint

Challenges & Benefits:

  • Storage of (17) totes, nearly 4,200 gallons of EVO, at the Gregg yard reduced shipping and storage costs.
  • Proper traffic control kept local businesses open, pedestrians safe, and did not impede on site production.
  • Anoxic water was prepared in a 250 gallon tote onboard the injection system, reducing the overall site footprint.
  • Gregg mobilized a limited access direct push rig for locations inside a commercial building

Download our Project Profile in PDF