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“My name is Sarah Winn, I work for Kleinfelder, And I had the pleasure of working with one of your drill teams for this last project. I have to say they are the best drillers I have ever worked with. Not only were they fast and efficient, they were also safe, kind, hilarious and very clean. They took extra care to even sweep up tire marks so that property owners, who are forced to allow us on their land because of court orders, did not feel like we left a trace. Even the environmental biologists on site were impressed, with Christy at ESA taking photos to use as an example to other sites.”

“I wanted to let you know that Juan, Jose and Frank did an excellent job with the well abandonments at Miramar. I really appreciated their thoroughness and professionalism, they were great to work with!” – Joseph Plummer, Bay West

“John, I have never worked with a PM that worked so hard to maintain excellent communication with me, the contractor and your own crew to make sure everyone had what they needed, were on the same page and the job was a success. I couldn’t believe how smooth everything ran thanks to your efforts.” – Jason Miller, Rinconada Water Treatment Plant

“I have worked with many drilling crews over the years and can easily say this was the best team I have ever worked with.  The crew of Francisco, Jarred and Robert were absolutely incredible.  Besides the obvious strong work ethic, everyone who stopped by noticed they were always in the correct PPE at all times which made safety very happy.  Automatically without ever a word spoken they operated in a manner that made our environmental team extremely pleased with their visqueen placement, cleanliness and way the jobsite looked at all times.  With our local neighbors being notorious for noise complaints, this crew never started an engine before 8 and always had everything shut down right before 5 which brought high praise from our public outreach team.  My manager and many other district staff are calling this project a huge success and a major part of that is on the shoulders of this crew.  I look forward to working with all of you again soon.” – Jason Miller, Rinconada Water Treatment Plant

“I worked with Armando and Danny 11/9-11/11 and they are the best drill crew I have ever had. They were such a positive experience because they did the job per the county parameters without complaint, consistently wore the correct safety gear without being reminded, and always had a positive attitude even through the challenging work. Because of their hard work we got so much done, and I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate that. If possible, we would love to request them on the last part of the job from 11/29-12/2.” – Avery Knizek, Antea Group

“Just wanted to let you know that our field team had a really positive experience working with the crew out in Redwood City over the past two weeks. They specifically mentioned that Christian and Rodrigo were “very professional, worked their butts off, were great at communicating/listening/answering questions, and were just great guys to work with.” I would definitely request them again on future projects.

I’ve worked with Rodrigo several times over the last four years and definitely agree with this praise, and from the few times I’ve worked with Christian, I’m not surprised to hear this kind of feedback either. Thanks to you too for putting together such a great team and making it such an easy job out there.” – Nick Frederiksen, Sr. Staff Geologist, Geosyntec

“I wanted to also thank you for putting together the well organized and highly valuable Field Day on Saturday [March 11, 2023]. It was excellent! It was a great experience for our staff of varying experience levels, from entry level geologist to Principal level. I also really appreciated that Gregg included the gender diversity that does exist in this line of work.  Visibility is so important- for the new graduates especially, so it is always nice to hear and learn from experienced women in the industry.

Thanks again, and great job to all of you who helped plan and deliver the Field Day.” – Jamie Cachine, BSNC

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For over thirty five years Gregg Drilling has been delivering high-quality environmental, geotechnical, and marine drilling and testing solutions.

As part of Sealaska, we believe a better future, one in which both people and the planet thrive, is within reach.

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For over thirty five years Gregg Drilling has been delivering high-quality environmental, geotechnical, and marine drilling and testing solutions.

Innovative solutions, sound technical advice drive results.

Our commitment to responsive, reliable and cost effective service means solutions, savings and peace of mind to you and your organization.

Through Sealaska’s ‘Woocheen’ group, Gregg Drilling is working together with other partner companies including Sealaska Marine Services, CS Marine Constructors and Causeway Geotech to solve our ocean health crisis.

Sealaska’s Hydro Sciences teams bring together expertise in geosciences, construction, data science and more to keep freshwater clean, heal our oceans and support harnessing offshore wind energy.