Specialized Equipment to maximize safety and productivity

Gregg Drilling, LLC. (Gregg) offers a wide range of services for environmental, geotechnical and marine site investigation and remediation. Since our inception, Gregg has been widely recognized as a leader and innovator in drilling, sampling, and subsurface investigation, providing clients in industry and government with the highest quality services.

We maintain our high standards through constant innovation, research and investing in training, quality equipment and new technologies.

The list below offers a highlight of Gregg’s equipment with specification sheets available to download. Jump to our Resources page for access to all our specification sheets as well as links to educational webinars.

The Equipment We Operate

Auger Drills

Since 1985 Gregg Drilling has been providing auger drilling services to the environmental and geotechnical site investigation community. Gregg has a full range of both truck and track-mounted auger rigs in varying sizes from small limited access and low overhead clearance, to larger more capable drills for larger well installations and deeper borings. Capabilities: Truck […]

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Mud Rotary Drills

Gregg Drilling prides itself in providing the right drilling solution for geotechnical site investigations. Gregg’s diverse range of equipment and capabilities can tackle diverse soil conditions and terrain. We offer standard mud rotary, reverse circulation and flooded reverse options depending on the project needs. Services Include: Truck mounted and track mounted equipment Geotechnical sampling including […]

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Cone Penetration Testing (CPT)

Since 1992 Gregg Drilling has been a leading provider of CPT services in the Western US. Gregg’s CPT trucks are designed and built in-house and provide 30-tons of push capacity. Our CPT equipment includes standard trucks, 6×6 off-road truck vehicles, track mounted units and portable “ramset” equipment. Features: Fully enclosed heated/air conditioned work station 6×6 […]

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Sonic Drill – Truck Mounted

Gregg Drilling has expanded the sonic drilling fleet with the addition of a new Fraste FS250 truck mounted sonic drill rig. It is ideal for high production and deep geotechnical, environmental, and exploration projects. The built-in automated rod handling, triple break out wrenches, and fully encaged platform keep safety in the forefront of what we […]

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Sonic Drill – Track Mounted

Gregg Drilling has added sonic drilling to our suite of capabilities. The Mid-Roto Sonic 50K (MRS) features a full size sonic head on a compact crawler with typical depth capabilities of 6” casing to 300’ through nearly any geology. The MRS also features true 100% rod handling making it one of the safest Sonic drill […]

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Well Development

Gregg Drilling provides quality well development and testing services to the environmental site investigation community. Our Smeal 5 Ton, 8 Ton, and MARL pump/development rigs are equipped with features that assure the fast and efficient development and sampling of environmental monitoring wells. Services Well Installation, Development & Abandonment Groundwater Extraction & Monitoring Wells Well Rehabilitation […]

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Direct Push & Limited Access

Direct push technology allows Gregg Drilling LLC to collect continuous logs and undisturbed samples in less time and at a lower cost. Gregg operates a range of truck mounted, track mounted, and limited access direct push sampling rigs. Unlike conventional drilling, direct push technology creates minimal soil cuttings which, if contaminated, require special handling and […]

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Limited Access Tracked Scorpion

Gregg utilizes a scorpion limited access track rig to provide a safe and effective means to conduct geotechnical and environmental site investigations. The scorpion rig allows for CPT testing in tight spaces, construction sites and other limited access site conditions. Watch the video below for a short demonstration of the Scorpion rig in action! Features […]

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Limited Access Wharthog

Check out the video below for a demonstration our limited access unit, the Wharthog. This unit is particularly well suited for operation indoors as it is only three feet wide and can fit through a conventional doorway. The track mounted Wharthog is highly maneuverable, featuring rubber tracks for minimal site impact. It is exactly 36” […]

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Portable Direct Push (Ramset)

Gregg accomplishes direct-push and CPT work inside buildings and small spaces by utilizing our ramset CPT & direct push sampling unit. Common projects that deploy the ramset include: geotechnical evaluations of existing buildings or environmental characterization of contaminant sources such as dry-cleaner sites. When anchored to the concrete floor slab, the ramset unit can push […]

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Limited Access Tracked Rhino

Watch the video below for a short demonstration one of our most popular limited access units, the Rhino. Gregg has used versions of the Rhino rig for many years as it is a versatile auger and direct push unit in a compact package. The track mounted Rhino is highly maneuverable, featuring rubber tracks for minimal […]

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Remediation Platforms

Gregg’s Mobile Remediation injection platforms are self-contained and have integrated operator workstations. Gregg provides integrated mixing and pumping systems that can achieve injection rates up to 100 GPM and can regulate injection pressure between 0 1500 psi. With the use of Gregg’s multi-point manifolds, reagents can be delivered individually or simultaneously to 20 direct push […]

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Air Vacuum Excavation Equipment

Gregg Drilling’s air vacuum system works by exploding the soil from within, using high pressure air. The soil is then vacuumed and stored in large canisters for easy backfilling. The operators are able to use air 95% of the time but have the option to switch to water if required. The air vacuum system allows […]

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Quin Delta Drill Ship

Over the past 20-years, Gregg’s purpose built R/V Quin Delta has worked up and down the West Coast, from San Diego to Alaska. This versatile vessel has been used effectively in tidal mud flats and carried out seabed surveys in deep water for cable route investigations. Features: Low draft vessel with only 5ft of water […]

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Amphibian Platform

Gregg’s amphibious platform is a useful tool for difficult access sites such as marshes, sediment ponds, tailing impoundments, and inter-tidal zones. The amphibious platform can be outfitted with drilling, CPT and environmental sampling tools depending on the specific project requirements. Features: Effective for access to sites with too much water that would prohibit truck access […]

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Heliportable Equipment

Gregg Drilling offers unique solutions for difficult access areas, saving time and money by eliminating the need for access roads. Our heliportable drill rig splits into seven parts, each weighing less than 1500lbs. It is equipped with a steel caterpillar track system for moving through rough terrain once assembled. The heliportable system is great for […]

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Barges & Near-shore Equipment

Over the past 20-years, Gregg has conducted a wide variety of near-shore and marine drilling and testing projects. In addition to Gregg’s boat the R/V Quin Delta, Gregg has used marine barges, sectional barges, modular jack-up barges, and lift boats. Overwater projects have a unique set of challenges that Gregg is ready to handle with […]

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CME45 Skid Mounted Drill

Gregg Drilling operates a CME45 skid mounted drill rig that can be mounted on any number of platforms. Commonly used on smaller barges, the CME45 is both light-weight and highly capable of drilling and pushing Cone Penetration Tests. Features: Small footprint ideal for platforms and barges Capable of mud rotary or hollow-stem auger drilling Equipped […]

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Membrane Interface Probe (MiHPT)

Gregg deploys an MiHPT tool which is a combination of the MIP probe and the hydraulic profiling tool. It can be partnered with the CPT to provide real-time “smart” characterization for a variety of subsurface contaminants including chlorinated solvents and petroleum hydrocarbons. It can also provide valuable information on subsurface hydrologic properties including hydraulic conductivity […]

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Have a question about the equipment we operate?

If something isn’t listed here, it doesn’t always mean we don’t provide that specific services. Please reach out to one of our experienced project managers – most have operated the equipment themselves and worked for Gregg for 20+ years!